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3 Useful Tips For Adults With ADHD to Stay Organised

by learningdiscoveries on May 2, 2014

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder that affects children but can also continue into adulthood. Individuals diagnosed with ADHD typically find it difficult to concentrate for extended periods of time and are easily distracted with tasks.

The condition can be especially difficult and frustrating for adults with ADHD. Even managing everyday tasks and keeping things from spiraling out of control can be a challenge without appropriate action. If this describes your situation, the following are three useful tips to stay organised.

1. Keep Extensive Notes

Inattention is a common symptom reported by individuals diagnosed by ADHD. This often leads to higher levels of forgetfulness as important tasks are easily neglected. One way to overcome forgetfulness is to write everything down. This can include:

  • Writing down a to-do list on a Post-it note
  • Sticking notes around the house or office
  • Using a cell phone to set reminders for appointments
  • Keeping a small notebook around at all times
  • Setting timers or alarms for important activities
  • Using a calendar to maintain a daily schedule

Taking these steps will help to keep tasks under control. Enlisting the help of family members will also be highly beneficial to address inattention caused by ADHD.

2. Handle All Tedious Tasks Once

Batch processing is a term used in computing to refer to the processing of high-volume repetitive tasks but it can also apply here. Schedule a set day of the week where you can handle and finish time-consuming tasks at one time. This can include sorting through your mail, paying bills, cleaning the house or doing laundry. In the case of sorting through mail, avoid creating additional piles by immediately throwing away all junk mail and filing away the important documents. Doing this will also help to reduce clutter around the home and make it easier to stay organised.

3. Get Up Earlier

If you are constantly struggling to finish your tasks on time, one solution is to wake up earlier. Set your alarm clock to 30 minutes earlier than when you usually wake up. Then use this additional time for important errands which might include:

  •  Preparing lunch for the children
  •  Responding to urgent emails
  •  Taking out the trash
  •  Tidying up the house
  •  Scheduling appointments
  •  Shopping for groceries

High levels of stress and anxiety can cause symptoms of ADHD to worsen. Learning stress management skills can help you to deal more effectively with stress commonly associated with ADHD. One of these ways is to wake up earlier and use the extra time to take care of important tasks before they get neglected.

Staying organised is an essential skill as neglect can cause tasks to begin piling up.

With a few simple tips, adults can learn to keep things under control and stay better organised in their daily lives. This includes keeping notes, handling tedious tasks at once, and waking up earlier. These strategies will be far more effective to manage everyday tasks when used together.

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