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Are you looking for a rewarding experience that will give you an advantage in your future career in Psychology?

Learning Discoveries Psychological Services is seeking students to be a part of our internship program with a minimum of 12 months duration.

The opportunity

The successful candidates will be working closely with our health specialists. It is a great opportunity to gain a significant insight into the broadening scope of what is defined as a psychological practice. In addition, you will get to perform supervised practice for general registration and develop concrete skills in becoming a healthcare professional. It is a chance to obtain valuable training and working experience in a psychology practice, specialising in Neurofeedback and neuromodulation.

Company Information

About us

Learning Discoveries Psychological Services was established in 1991 by one of the most experienced neurofeedback practitioners in Australia. Since then, we have been offering a comprehensive range of psychological services based on the latest multi-disciplinary methodologies.

We offer a unique combination of psychology and exceptional multimodal interventions that are proven to be powerful remediation tools for those who have failed to get better with other interventions.

We conduct a drug-free approach to improve brain function for children and adults with the problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD / ADD, anxiety,autism, brain injury, chronic pain, depression, dyspraxia, epilepsy, literacy and numeracy problems, sleep disorders, and so on.

One of our visions is to continue to support education and excellence in the fields of quantitative electroencephalography (EEG) and  neurofeedback training.

Skills and qualifications

About you

Ideally, we are looking for people who are currently involved in psychology and are expecting a degree (or equivalent) from related disciplines. It is important that you are flexible and are able to handle a constant flow of customer interaction with adults and children. We would like people with excellent communication skills who are comfortable with team working and eager to gain knowledge and develop expertise in psychological practices.

How To Apply

Are you ready to step up and be a part of the dynamic psychological health professional team? Please fill out the form below and “check” interships in order to attach your CV and send it to us. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Rosemary Boon

Registered Psychologist

M.A. (Psych),
Grad. Dip. Ed. Studies (Sch. Counsel),
Grad Dip. Ed. B Sc, Dip. Nut.

Provider No. 2582331F ATMS No. 20831

Drug free and natural solutions for learning, behavioural & mood disorders

qEEG analysis
IVA/TOVA testing
COGMED Working
Primitive Reflexes
Sound Therapy
Nutrition & food
Allergy testing
Diet & lifestyle
Genetic profiles

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Telephone: (02) 9639 7778 | Fax: (02) 9639 8889
Email: Learning Discoveries
Location: Located in the Blue Mountains
ABN: 30 221 765 539
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