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Counselling and Parent Education

Counselling will vary from one person to another, as no one is the same or perceives life and life’s problems in the same manner. A client-centered approach is adopted and includes: goal setting, breaking old behavioural patterns, stress management and health and lifestyle issues. Parent education regarding school based and behavioural issues is undertaken in a nurturing and caring environment to encourage and empower parents to address these issues effectively at home and school.

Practitioners at Learning Discoveries Psychological Services are qualified, experienced and dedicated to delivering services that enhance quality of life and empower individuals with learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties to lead fulfilling lives and reach their highest potential.

Life Coaching sessions are generally about an hour in length.

For more information or to make an appointment please send an email or contact us on (02) 9639 7778 during business hours.

Rosemary Boon

Registered Psychologist

M.A. (Psych),
Grad. Dip. Ed. Studies (Sch. Counsel),
Grad Dip. Ed. B Sc, Dip. Nut.

Provider No. 2582331F ATMS No. 20831

Drug free and natural solutions for learning, behavioural & mood disorders

qEEG analysis
IVA/TOVA testing
COGMED Working
Primitive Reflexes
Sound Therapy
Nutrition & food
Allergy testing
Diet & lifestyle
Genetic profiles

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