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Educational Assessments

Learning difficulties affect the way individuals learn and process information. Conditions are typically life long with varying symptoms from one individual to another. Early assessment and intervention by trained professionals are key to deliver meaningful results.

Learning Discoveries offers a range of psychological services to assist children and adults with learning disabilities. We take a personalised approach with each of our clients to deliver individually tailored therapies. With our extensive experience, we are able to address different types of disabilities and disorders.

All educational assessments start with a diagnostic interview to gain a complete developmental and family history. We then move on to psychometric testing to gauge literacy and numeracy skills. We take a holistic approach and tailor interventions that are most appropriate for the individual.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Individuals diagnosed with Central Auditory Process Disorder have problems comprehending and understanding speech. This is because parts of the brain do not function appropriately. The first step is to assess the severity of the disorder through an auditory processing assessment which is available in our facilities.

Inhibition of Primitive Reflexes

Primitive reflexes are automatic movements that are directed by the Central Nervous System (CNS). Transformation of the primitive reflexes may fail for some individuals which contribute to underdevelopment of academic, emotional, social and behavioural abilities. We offer full assessments at our facilities.

Psychometric Assessments for Learning Difficulties

Comprehensive psychometric assessment is necessary to evaluate learning difficulties. We offer a full range of assessments which include:

  • IQ Testing
  • Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)
  • QEEG (Quantified Electroencephalogram)
  • TOVA (Test of Variables of Attention)
  • IVA (Integrated Visual & Auditory Continuous Performance Test of Attention) 

For more information or to make an appointment for educational assessments, contact us on (02) 9639 7778 and we would be happy to help. You can also send us an email and we will respond to your enquiry shortly.

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