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Remediation for reading, spelling and comprehension difficulties

For decades people have searched for that vital component to explain why some children learn to read easily and why others struggle. There have been many contenders as to the “cause” of reading success or failure: intelligence, visual perception, auditory processing disorder and most recently language ability.

Although language ability and intelligence have some predictive value, children with excellent language abilities and high IQ’s still have difficulty with reading. These problem readers became the “Learning Disabilities” (LD) population in succeeding classes.

Teaching students to visualise concepts (imagery training) and having them verbalise what is visualised significantly develops language comprehension.

The imaging process moves from small units of language (a word) to larger units of language (sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters). Verbalising requires the organisation of language and the imposition of a logical structure or framework. Visualising incoming information allows us to remember information in sequence and “see” how different parts relate to each other. Stimulating the brain with certain frequencies of music so that it can process auditory information more efficiently is another way to improve reading spelling and comprehension difficulties. Samonas Sound Therapy is very effective in this area before remediation actually begins. Samonas fine tunes the ear for frequencies in the English language s well as improving coordiantion.

These methods have proved powerful remediation tools especially for those LD children who have failed in learning to read, spell, and comprehend language with all other approaches.

Rosemary, as a qualified teacher, trainer and psychologist with a background of over 25 years in special education, school counselling, educational psychology and neuropsychophysiology, provides hands on teaching to children and adults in need of individualised remedial teaching.

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Rosemary Boon

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