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Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)

Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) is the measurement, using digital technology, of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which primarily reflect cortical activity or “brainwaves”. QEEG analysis is conducted as a baseline assessment before neurofeedback training commences to guide the selection of the most appropriate neurofeedback protocols. Neurofeedback is the sister technology to QEEG and improves brain function by feeding information about the brain back to itself so that it can changes its behaviour.

The SKILTM Topometric and the NeuroGuideTM QEEG analysis software provide information on brain functioning and its impact on cognition and learning. Computerised EEG results are compared to age-related subjects of the QEEG database. This comparison provides information about whether the client has a deviation in brain functioning which varies significantly from the norm. It also indicates at what locations, the amplitude and frequency of waves of interest, and under what conditions the abnormality manifests itself.

QEEG analysis is appropriate for:
–   initially determining the presence of focal or generalised cerebral dysfunction
–   a  baseline guide for neurofeedback
–   following closed head injury, stroke, heart attack, pulmonary dysfunction after hypoxia.
–   suspected  seizure disorders or tumours
–   suspected cases of ADHD and drug abuse
–   investigating cerebrovascular disorders
–   pathological alterations in vigilance (narcolepsy, confusion, coma) or
–   acute headache, vomiting, aphasia

A series of standardised tests, each lasting from 3-20 minutes depending upon what the QEEG is being conducted for. These tests may include:
–   Eyes closed;
–   Eyes open;
–   Reading for comprehension and
–   A mathematics test of graded difficulty.

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