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Learning disabilities often stem from neurological disorders with varying degrees from mild to severe. Indicators are diverse and underlying factors may be present which affect the brain’s ability to process information. Early diagnosis is key to tailoring specific interventions for meaningful results.

Learning Discoveries offers a full range of psychological services to address several types of disorders including learning disabilities. We provide a caring environment for children and adults to improve their brain function. Difficulties are always approached from a holistic approach to cater for the needs of the individual.

Interventions we utilise at our facilities include:

  • Neurofeedback training
  • Samonas Sound Therapy
  • Interactive Metronome®
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training 

Every client has different requirements and as such needs personal attention. The Pyramid of Development is used at Learning Discoveries to provide a holistic overview. This allows us to choose appropriate assessments and design effective interventions to target specific issues.

Following this model is crucial to assess each individual and largely determines how we proceed. We first start with a comprehensive diagnostic interview to gain a full understanding of underlying factors that may be present. We then move on to psychometric testing and other assessments for literacy and numeracy skills.

A wide range of other tests are given with psychological and non-psychological interventions available to best suit the individual. A combination of interventions could be required based on the results of the tests. Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced to deliver the services we offer.

The most useful of all interventions is Neurofeedback which organises the brain for learning to take place. We have offered Neurofeedback training since 1996.

Learning disabilities are typically life-long but individuals can learn to overcome such challenges with support and a combination of interventions offered at from Learning Discoveries. Contact us today on (02) 9639 7778 to learn more about how we can assist with learning disabilities and other disorders. We are one of the most experienced centres for neurofeedback therapy in Sydney.

Rosemary Boon

Registered Psychologist

M.A. (Psych),
Grad. Dip. Ed. Studies (Sch. Counsel),
Grad Dip. Ed. B Sc, Dip. Nut.

Provider No. 2582331F ATMS No. 20831

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