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HeartMath emWave device for Stress Relief

by learningdiscoveries on February 18, 2015

One of the most common health problems in modern society is stress. Our daily routines are rushed with deadlines to meet and challenging situations that need our attention. When everything is so stressful, it takes a toll on your body and mind.

Stress is normal and at a minimum level, can be a good thing. It can drive you through challenges and keep you concentrated on tasks. However after a certain period, it becomes too severe to be beneficial. It affects your health, mood, work performance and your personal life.

Just like other physical and mental symptoms, medication is not always the sole answer for stress relief. Those dealing with stress are now seeking other ways to soothe their symptoms and an increasing number are opting for natural therapies.

Dr. Lawrence D. Rosen, the chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Integrative Medicine and a pediatrician at the Whole Child Center, recommends biofeedback devices for stress.

The Scientific Facts Behind This Useful Tool
Numerous studies support the function of biofeedback devices in reducing stress in hospital environments.

The core science behind the device is the heart-brain connection. The theory is based on the fact that the heart is not only responding to orders from the brain, it also continuously sends signals that create a crucial effect on the brain’s functions such as emotion, concentration, consciousness and problem-solving.

Breathing plays an important role in the heart-brain connection as breathing patterns influence the heart’s rhythm. Breathing slowly and consistently can generate a coherent heart-brain rhythm that helps relieve stress by generating an emotional shift to a calmer state.

What’s the verdict?
Dr. Rosen said that this particular device – emWave from HeartMath is lightweight and portable. He prefers the emWave and from his experience, the device does a great job at relaxing his patients before operations. The device is simple to use because you simply press your thumb on the sensor which takes your pulse and monitors changes in your heart rate. The devices then guides you to breathe in a way that makes you stay calm by using audible cues with flashing lights and graphics.
Dr. Rosen also mentioned that the device works perfectly for people of all age groups.

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