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Introducing New Members

by learningdiscoveries on April 1, 2014

We have two interns in the Learning Discoveries office!

Raghavi is from University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Marta is from University of Western Sydney (UWS).

Raghavi has recently completed a Bachelor in Psychological Science with a double major in Psychology and Management! During her time at UNSW, she volunteered as a psychology Peer Mentor for students at her university and participated in various psychological researches.

She has always been interested in human behaviour and it is evident by her outstanding enthusiasm working here in the office that she has an innate passion about providing help to those that have difficulties and need assistance. Her excellent interpersonal skills allows her to communicate well and has formed excellent rapport with staff and clients, which is why we believe this career path is perfect for Raghavi!

Raghavi’s internship at Learning Discoveries will help her decide whether to become a clinical or organisational psychologist, providing her with practical exposure and insights into drug-free and non-invasive therapies for both adults and children.

Marta has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Criminology) at University of Western Sydney. She has experience at Camden Hospital’s Diabetes Unit, working with a multidisciplinary team looking after patients suffering from obesity and Type II diabetes.

Once Marta started the Bachelor and learnt the many different pathways in psychology, she didn’t want to consider any other option than juvenile justice. Her ultimate goal is to work in the area of juvenile justice with children and adolescents to be able to help them at their lowest point, when society has chosen to give up on them with rehabilitation programs.

Marta is thankful for the opportunity to further her education at Learning Discoveries, especially the exposure to the variety of mental illnesses and the way people react to different remedies. She comments that her biggest eye opener was learning and seeking the results of Neurofeedback and encourages any psychology students or individuals interested in alternative therapies to look at Neurofeedback.

HRV Unit
Our HRV Unit is back to us from the States! Nicholas Dogris of Neurofeild Inc. renewed the power supply so that we can now do more things with Neurofield! It will deliver frequencies the body and heart need and allows us to tailor the delivery of frequencies even more for optimal individual benefit.

Congratulations to Caroline who has now been with us for 2 years! We can’t believe she has been here for that long already! We thank her for keeping the office running efficiently and smoothly, especially for taking on extra duties with such enthusiasm and a big smile that every client knows well.

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Rosemary Boon

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