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Neurofeedback and Natural Remedies for ADHD

by learningdiscoveries on February 13, 2014

Here at Learning Discoveries we use a multimodal approach that incorporates Neurofeedback, Samonas Sound Therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, working memory, Interactive Metronome sessions, diet and nutrition to help clients overcome learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties. An individual plan is tailored for a client’s unique needs.

One of our clients, (aged 9) was having troubles at school. He was not able to learn, he could not concentrate in class and as a result of this, he was six months behind his peers in Maths, English and Science. He was unable to relate to his classmates and had few friends. He began to have meltdowns and was frequently being sent home from school. He was argumentative and could not be reasoned with during his outbursts.

The assessment revealed numerous contributing factors to his difficulties. These were Central Auditory Processing Disorder, ADD, language comprehension problems and anxiety.

We designed a specific plan for him that was drug free, natural and safe to cater to his needs including Neurofeedback, Samonas Sound Therapy and Working Memory sessions. Working in collaboration with a medical practitioner to take into account his individual biochemistry, we developed a special gluten, diary and salicilate free diet for him.

His progress has been steady and pleasing. His father and teacher report that he can now focus more in class and follow instructions better than before the commencement of Neurofeedback sessions. In class he can sit still and participate in activities for long periods of time. He has caught up to his peers in school work and is in the top group for Maths. He is able to express himself better and now has many friends. His meltdowns are less frequent, less severe and he recovers quickly after an episode.

He has gone from a child struggling at school to one that wins awards for excellence in class.

His father is pleased with these improvements and commented; “My son is much happier”

We look forward to bringing you more success stories!

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