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Samonas Sound Therapy

Samonas Sound Therapy is very useful for improving central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) in children and adults with learning difficulties in the areas of  spelling, reading and comprehension.

Ingo Steinbach is the developer of Samonas Sound Therapy. As a physicist and sound engineer he created a recording method in which the spatial essence of the recording is optimally preserved and the high harmonics of the music are “activated” in order to be energising and regulating.  The choice of music is based on the principles of music therapy and most selections are classical music and some include nature sounds.

Samonas CDs are utilised during sessions. Specific technical modifications are made to the sound frequencies so the end result may bring about changes in the function of the neurological system, auditory processing speed, auditory focus and discrimination. Thus they are especially beneficial for refinement of modulation, attention and higher level motor and communication skills.

Samonas Sound Therapy is often delivered as a home-based program where the client listens to specific CDs for a specified duration of time as nominated by the therapist. Usually the listening time varies from 5 minutes to 45 minutes per day. The Samonas CDs are listened to through professional headphones and often the client is asked to perform quiet activities while listening. So for children this may include school work, reading, jigsaw puzzles etc.

Samonas Sound Therapy, works differently for every person and its effectiveness will depend upon the degree, diversity and the severity of  presenting problem. However, we have seen great improvements in auditory processing, spelling, reading (especially reading comprehension) and many other functions that rely on optimal, fast processing of the auditory system. The length of the program varies according to the age and needs of the client, however it is not unusual for an individual’s program to run for 4 to 7 months.

However, children on the Autistic Spectrum and those who are non verbal,  naturally require considerably longer periods of  therapy.

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