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What is hypnotherapy?

by admin on January 9, 2018

Hypnosis is an age old therapy that has often been referred to as a state of “day dreaming”. This technique was founded by Franz Anton Mesmer back in the 1700’s. It was rediscovered by James Braid who then named this technique “hypnotism”, which is Greek for sleep, though the person in hypnosis is not actually sleeping. Hypnosis is a technique which alters the state of conscious awareness and narrows the focus of the mind.

Hypnosis impacts each person differently, giving a varied range of experiences. It is personal in nature and it is a natural state of the mind which is normal for all humans to experience. Hypnosis alters the degree of consciousness of a person and then either puts a person in a state of alertness or into a sleep like state.

Over the past few decades, hypnosis has gained recognition as a valuable modality that brings about positive changes in people’s lives. In the early part of the century, hypnotherapy was used throughout the world by a large number of groups for the purpose of religious and healing ceremonies. Hypnotherapy was commonly used in the following ways:

  • For healing purposes by the Native American medicine men
  • During dreamtime by the Australian Aborigines
  • During traditional rituals in Africa, this method included the chanting and dancing to the beat of drums

In the present day, hypnotherapy is used by politicians, doctors, psychologists, therapists and it is also popularly used in television and radio in the form of advertisements that we watch or listen to. These advertisements hypnotise you into paying attention without even knowing it!

Hypnosis aids in numerous ways

Hypnosis assists people in a number of ways and can complement traditional modalities. A few of the benefits are:

  • It assists in quitting smoking.
  • It helps regulate your weight.
  • It relieves pain and stress and also aids in managing these factors.
  • It helps people with studying difficulties by helping them to focus on the task at hand.
  • It aids with sleeping disorders and various psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It also helps in relieving fears and phobias.
  • Positive lifestyle choices
  • It clears the mind, allowing for a clearer perspective ultimately leading to a healthy, calm lifestyle.
  • It helps balance to the mind, body and soul by alleviating suppressed emotions and feelings.


How is hypnotherapy performed?

Hypnosis can be used in two ways in order to benefit the user. It can either be used by way of suggestion therapy or for patient analysis.

Suggestion therapy: This method of therapy stimulates an individual to make the person more responsive to suggestions. It can also change the way people sense and perceive their environment, helping them to create positive change.

Patient Analysis: This method of hypnosis taps into the relaxed state of mind, where past events and experiences are hidden in the subconscious memory.

Who can use and benefit from hypnotherapy?

Though it is not always an easy task, most people can reap benefit from hypnotherapy, which can be used for all ages as long as the person believes in the possibility of change. It is important to note for people suffering from substance abuse disorder must ensure that they are drug free for a minimum of 7 days before commencing hypnotherapy in order to avail themselves of the benefits of the therapy. Additionally, it is important for anyone with complex psychological issues undertaking hypnotherapy is in a safe and supportive environment for maximum benefit.

Busting popular myths about hypnosis.

  • Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not harmful. The technique of hypnosis always requires the person’s permission to be able to achieve a deep state of hypnosis.
  • The person undergoing hypnosis has control over their body and can enter or leave the state of “trance” whenever they wish.

The state of being hypnotised.

Some people are able to tap into a state of hypnosis during the general course of their day. The state of hypnosis is a state of altered conscious awareness. It could happen to people while performing activities as simple as driving a familiar roadway and missing the lane you wanted to turn into or even reading a book and not really absorbing anything you have read.

People who have been through hypnosis therapies describe their experiences with a varying range of feelings and emotions. Each person’s experience is unique due to the differences in an individual’s perception and sense. Most commonly people report being relaxed, sleepy, and also can also feel warm or cold warmth under their skin or sometimes even sense tingling. Others report a narrowing of attention.

Our hypnotherapy service is a way for positivity enter your life to bring out the best in you. Get rid of your worries and troubles and turn them into your strengths by making changes to your automatic behaviours and emotional reactions through hypnotherapy.

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